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Ansible tinc role

Based on https://github.com/thisismitch/ansible-tinc

Creates the directory structure for a tinc install:

/etc/tinc/{{netname}}/hosts/{{ inventory_name }}

The last one is a RSA 4096 private key, it may take a while to generate on low-entropy servers.

It will also sync the playbook_dir/fetch/ directory into /etc/tinc/{{netname}}/hosts/.

Expected group vars

  • netname: Name of the TINC network
  • net_addr: Address of the network
  • net_cidr: CIDR of the network (24 for me)
  • default_connect: Default node name to connect to (empty for a new network)

Sample group_vars/all file:


netname: mynetwork
net_cidr: 24
default_connect: mymachine

Expected host vars

vpn_ip: desired VPN internal ip of this host

mymachine ansible_host= vpn_ip=
mymachine2 ansible_host= vpn_ip=